Concurrence Consulting recognizes the power of people and the integral role they play in making or breaking an organization.

We are a strengths-based consulting and coaching firm that helps individuals and teams in the Denver area and beyond improve their performance to fulfill their organization’s mission. We offer individualized coaching, leadership development, team development, and organizational effectiveness consulting services using a four-step framework. We are proud to be a certified Denver Woman Owned Business.

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About Kathy Yates

Owner/Operator of Concurrence Consulting

When you work with Concurrence Consulting, you will be working with someone who cares about your success. Kathy is part consultant, part coach. She brings her strong operations and change management experience coupled with her strengths framework to truly understand what her clients need. Without using jargon, Kathy provides clear guidance to develop tangible skills. This allows her clients to take the knowledge they’ve gained to improve the climate of their organizations, increase engagement of individuals, and help their organization achieve its goals.


Kathy has spent the past two decades helping for-profit and nonprofit organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and sole proprietors achieve operational excellence. Prior to that, she served small and large organizations in roles including training manager, human resources manager, operations manager, and manager of executive development programs. She earned her MBA from Claremont Graduate School Peter F. Drucker School of Management.

Seeing the


with Kathy Yates

A Strengths-Based Approach

An engagement with Concurrence Consulting is indicative of an organization that wishes to invest in a strengths-based culture.

We use the internationally-renown online CliftonStrengths Assessment (formerly called Clifton StrengthsFinder) as the foundation for all our client interactions. By examining your innate talents and abilities, we uncover your strengths so you can be your best self. As a certified Gallup Strengths coach, Kathy’s first step is to ensure every individual she works with recognizes and utilizes their strengths. Read more about our approach.

Kathy’s strengths are:

  • Strategic

  • Input

  • Individualization

  • Relator

  • Communication