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Powerful Partners

This workshop is for business partners who want to make sure they are well aligned to work together.  This can be business partners running a business together, or partners established to achieve specific outcomes:

  • Vision and Values
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Strengths Based role definition
  • Communication standards
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Measuring outcomes

Primary Partners

Designed for couples, Primary Partners focuses on  the particular complexities of balancing jobs, nurturing a marriage, raising kids and taking care of life's priorities.. Primary Partners helps couples recognize and appreciate the strengths that each brings to the relationship and  to  focus on how they make decisions, spend their resources (time, money and talents) while building their business and their relationship.

Team Development

Individuals bring specific knowledge, skills, talents and resources necessary to do their job"  Through a process where each individual learns about and understands each other's strengths we will together build the team’s DNA so that the strength of the whole team is maximized for success. 
In this workshop we establish a framework so that each person understands their role and has a shared understanding and buys in to 

  • Vision and Values
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Communication
  • Purpose and Measurements
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Conflict Resolution


Work the Plan

With Kathy’s deep experience in Operations, she is highly experienced working with cross functional work teams, project teams and leadership teams.

Concurrence Consulting will work with you to create a detailed operational plan, and follow up with you to ensure you are following the plan, identifying and removing obstacles, and measuring your results.
The scope of work includes a planning session and quarterly or monthly follow up meetings to keep you on track.


Also available: Customized workshops, retreats and conferences to meet your needs