Lego Serious Play

In working with clients, we see that some people love to talk, and others will remain silent. We want to tap into the wisdom of each person in the room, and Lego Serious Play® does just that. Each participant builds their own 3D models before participating in group discussions. By first giving each person time to build their own model, they first solidify their own thoughts, and are then better able to listen to others. The process of connecting our hands to our thinking stimulates clearer thinking and encourages creativity. With Lego Serious Play,® we see better communication and understanding because of 3D visualization, metaphors and stories.


4 Hours

In this group workshop, we focus on individual identity, and the understanding people have of themselves, as well as their contribution to the organization and what they aspire to be.

Beneficial for:

  • Individual performers who may or may not work together

  • A newly formed group

  • Teams welcoming new members

  • Teams that will be experiencing significant change

Team Landscape.jpg

6 Hours

In this workshop the team moves the needle on being a group of individuals to a highly integrated team. The group will explore who they are as a team, identify the critical connections to establish and nurture, understand how past events shaped the team and how future events can strengthen the team.

Beneficial for teams that:

  • Have many new members

  • Teams that are embarking on significant change

  • Have new challenges

  • Have undergone a reorganization

  • Have ineffective group dynamics


6 Hours

In this workshop we focus on understanding the identity and landscape of the enterprise. We identify the influences on an organization and identify ways to ensure organizational capacity for the future.

Beneficial for:

  • Senior management that wants to create a vision for the future of the company

  • Companies that are struggling to understand a changing marketplace or are threatened by competitors

  • Cross functional work teams that are responsible for driving the success of the organization



With Lego Serious Play we achieve 100% participation from 100% of the participants. We work with you to design the right agenda to create effective and engaging icebreakers, meetings, workshops, and retreats.

LSP is especially beneficial when:

  • Groups need to understand perspectives other than their own

  • There is no clear answer

  • The subject is complex

  • There is a need to explore options and solutions

Download the lego serious play information here