A Strengths-Based Approach

Concurrence Consulting uses the online CliftonStrengths Assessment as the foundation for all client interactions. 

About CliftonStrengths 

Psychologist Donald Clifton found that people who know and use their strengths are much more likely to be engaged at work, be happier at their job, and be more productive. Through rigorous evaluations and testing, he identified 34 themes for how people work and developed an assessment that would consistently identify individuals’ top five ways of working.

Gallup later purchased the assessment and conducted extensive research to demonstrate that when people work from their top five strengths, they are more engaged and effective, turnover is lower and productivity is higher.



How we use CliftonStrengths

After individuals complete an assessment online, they receive back the sequence of the top five themes or a full report of the entire 34-theme sequence. We will review the results with you to create a plan that is centered around your unique strengths and the needs of your organization.

CliftonStrengths identifies four categories of leadership: executing, influencing, relationship building and strategic thinking. The 34 themes are divided evenly among these categories. Thousands of studies conducted by the Gallup organization have shown that no one category is more effective over another. It is the absolute understanding of an individual’s own strengths and how they can effectively utilize them that make the difference. For this reason, our initial coaching sessions focus on the individual, their top five strengths and their values.



Management and Leadership Roles

For individuals in leadership roles, a hallmark of a good leader is that they recognize and utilize the strengths of others.

Effective leaders understand how to best employ the strengths of each person they work with. Once we have identified your strengths, we work with them to recognize their strengths, how they have contributed to their success in the past, and how they can be utilized intentionally in the future. 

Concurrence Consulting offers a suite of tools for leaders to develop the knowledge and skills of leadership, and receive coaching to integrate the techniques they find to be the most relevant to their situations and their goals.